Wanted CEO Mugsar Sumerian

WANTED: CEO for Mugsar Sumerian

Mugsar Sumerian is a startup with a longterm potential market share of 100% as the defacto standard for every student in every school on the planet, not to mention adults catching up.

The main starting product is the only standalone Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary in the world, the Mugsar.

Arguably, it is only product that will still be going strong in 1,000+ years. Think Apple iPhone will still be around? Make it 100,000+ years. Hybrid-humans in some outerspace colony will only be interested in the founders of Civilization. The Mugsar literally rides the coattails of Civilization Time, firmly planting us in the Immortality business when it comes to sponsors / benefactors.

Main patron base worldwide by far is the U.S. especially the North-East (Boston – New York – DC) and California (San Francisco – Los Angeles)

Suit current female MBA student, since so few startup CEOs are female and Mugsar founder’s works keep turning up that highly intelligent entreprenurial females have been shafted over the millennia by a his-tory comandeered by white males. From Enheduanna, first known author to Susan de Vere, Producer of the First Folio. Even throw in true mythology, Sumerians being matriarch based, the most powerful deity being Innana, aka Ishtar – Easter festival.

Remuneration: Depends on what you can negotiate with a male dominated Venture Capital in that famous road in Menlo Park conveniently located next to Stanford Business School.

Expressions of Interest to Peter Hogan Mugsar Founder:



Google the keywords:

sumerian cuneiform dictionary

And we ‘own’ the ultimate catchphrase for getting ahead, Google: “how to really impress someone” (include quotes)








Jan. 12018



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