1a Billjim Shows

The Billjim Song
(3m28s, 14.3 Mb, 16iii)
Share: http://youtu.be/tphh9BKGXXc

“One who’ll plug for two”

Any venue is welcome to put on a Billjim Show – theme parks, clubs, schools, towns…
The show format is flexible but could follow or climax with the Billjim Song in a karaoke style sing along.

The idea is to promote Billjim mateship “One who’ll plug for two”.  Soldiers, 100 years ago were affectionately known to the public as Billjim.

Billjim Song Karaoke Competition

One venue could also be the official home of the Billjim Song Karaoke Competition.
Renditions uploaded, initially by visitors to your venue, later from all over the place, through out the year will culminate in the hosting of the Annual Finals Event.

It could work like this:

• Anybody can enter. They simply upload their rendition – with an optional background story – using hashtag #BilljimSong
• Participants substitute names in the last stanza e.g.
Phuong, there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is Ayesha!
• The best performances over the year based on views and a judging panel will be invited to the Annual Finals Event.

It could work in with a special Beersheba centenary celebration 31 October.
Also next year the centenary of taking Damascus by Major Olden 4ALH sunrsie on 1 October – culminating in Australia’s only ever epochal military victory.
The Shooting of 12000 Horses
Another one is annual recognition of their horses – ‘12000 Walers Day‘. After all they went through together not only did all the credit go to Hollywood Lawrence of Arabia, to save on the cost of transport (even though the colonial powers now had the Middle East) they were ordered to shoot their best mate.

Other add ins:
– Developing related social media especially video showcasing your venue – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram.
– Sumerian Cuneiform festival which would obviously attract more international visitors. (For this I developed the only standalone dictionary in the world for the founders of education 5000 years ago – internationally it gives elite professors a real shake.)
– Don’t know if your local economy is in better shape than most, but one stunt to get free publicity is for the town to change its name to Billjim (e.g. ‘Hobbiton’ NZ (Lord of the Rings), ‘Truth or Consequences’ NM (for a quiz show).

Peter Hogan

Peter n Tara Hogan Billjim Pluggers

Already out there:
Maj. Gen. Peter Phillips AO MC (Retd) – then National President of the RSL
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch support letters – exclusive proof Keith Murdoch really did get the Billjim out of Gallipoli
Work Officially Archived by National Library




Edward Dyson

DOWN to it is Plugger Bill,
Lyin’ crumpled, white ’n’ still.
Me ’n’ him
Chips in when the scrap begins,
Carin’ nothin’ for our skins,
Chi-iked as the ’Eavenly Twins—
Bill ’n’ Jim.

They ’ave outed Bill at last,
Slugged me cobber hard ’n’ fast.
It’s a kill.
See the purple of his lip
’N’ the red ’n’ oozy drip!
Ends our great ole partnership—
Jim ’n’ Bill

Mates we was when we was kids;
Camp, ’n’ ship, ’n’ Pyramids,
Him ’n’ me
Hung together, ’n’ we tore
Victors to Damascus’ door,
With our Walers, Mounted Corps,
Timur be!

Then it was we took a touch—
Simple puncture, nothin’ much;
But we lay ’N’ we stays the count, it seems,
In a sorter realm of dreams
Where the sun infernal gleams
Night ’n’ day;

Boilin’, fryin’, achin’, dumb,
Waitin’ till the stretchers come,
I hangs on to ’arf a cup.
Which I wants ole Bill to sup.
Damn if he ain’t savin’ up
His for me!

When they come to lift my head,
I am softly kiddin’ dead,
For a game,
So’s they’ll first take on his gills.
Over, though, me scheme he spills—
Bli’me, this ole take-down Bill’s
Done the same!

But he isn’t kiddin’ now,
And it knocks me anyhow
Seein’ him.
We was both agreed before,
Though it got ’em by the score,
Two was goin’ to beat this war—
Bill ’n’ Jim.

Mate o’ mine, yiv stayed it through.
Hard luck, Bill—for me ’n’ you
Hard ’n’ grim.
They have got me Cobber true,
But I’m stickin’ tight ez glue….
Bill, there’s one who’ll plug for two—

It is Jim!


Edward Dyson uses 7-line stanzas (septet) 
rhyming: aabcccb
a&c: 7 syllables; b: 3 syllables. 
So that also helps with memorizing – knowing which lines rhyme, and if you’re not sure you have a line right you can count the syllables (on your fingers).

“Chi-iked”: to tease, a greeting. Pron., remembering it takes 2 syllables: ch.eye – eye.ked (i.e. double long ‘i’ vowel) Esp. as a noisy, mocking group greeting. So here, other mates see Bill ‘n’ Jim coming and then all together in a noisy uproar, jeer: “Well, here comes the ‘eavenly twins!” [Also, ‘chyack’] 



Detailed Movements

Movements Dtl 1


Movements Dtl 2


The Billjim Song – Sheet Music
(3m6s, 14.0 Mb, 23iii)

Share: http://youtu.be/co0lCbqL-RU


or Download Sheet Music video direct from Internet Archive:


1 Egmont12 Egmont2
3 Egmont4 Egmont4
5 Egmont6 Egmont6*
7 Egmont8 Egmont8
9 Egmont910 Egmont10


Billjim at Sea 30i


Title: Billjim
Public Domain Poetry
Composed c.1918 by Edward Dyson (‘1865 – ‘1931)

Edward Dyson Bio

Edward Dyson was born 4 March ‘1865 at Morrison, near Ballarat, in Victoria. He was the son of a mining engineer and elder brother to Will and Ambrose, both artists and writers. Edward followed his family around the goldfields of Victoria in his early years and left school at the age of 12 to become a hawker, and later a trucker in the mines of Victoria and Tasmania. He moved into writing and journalism while still in his teens and took up the editoriship of the Melbourne periodical Life at the age of 21. Throughout his working life he produced vast amounts of poetry, though his metier was the short story. His first collection of verse, Rhymes from the Mines and Other Lines was published in ‘1896, and was followed by a series of novels and short story collections. Edward Dyson died 22 August ‘1931 at Elwood, Melbourne…
More at http://www.middlemiss.org/lit/authors/dysone/dysone.html

High Beach – Dyson Bibliography
An attempt to list the published works of the family of “Flash” George Arthur Dyson & E Jane Dyson nee Mayall (the daughter of Ambrose Mayall). Their sons included: Edward George Dyson (‘1865 – ‘1931), Ambrose Arthur Dyson (‘1876-‘1913) & William Henry Dyson (3rd September ‘1880-‘1938). Edward Ambrose Dyson (15 December ‘1908 – 26 November ‘1952) was the son of Ambrose Arthur Dyson.

Australian Dictionary of Biography


National Library of Australia





Music Notes
Beethoven’s (*’1770*-‘1827) ‘Egmont Overture’ (from Incompetech Royalty Free Music) for Goethe’s play – liberation and sacrifice motifs. Appropriate to use German backing [even for monarchists, since the royal family are German, Saxe-Coburg before the sneeky change to Windsor] compare ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ – American lyrics composed during ‘1814 War with England, but music taken from the enemy – composed decades before for a London old boys club, and inspired by Greek poet Anacreon’s debauchery themes; only made official National Anthem a century later, in ‘1931, by default.

The Billjim Song is also literally the dark horse in the legitimate National Anthem stakes. Can anyone make sense of the title, ‘Advance Australia Fair’. It has been derided by many as simply boring (the Scottish composer Dodds McCormick looks boring, too). Apart from kids who are forced to sing it at school assembly, can the average Australian remember any of the lines? What else have we got? ‘Waltzing Matilda’.
Do these songs capture the Australian spirit, in an epic form, that positions a relatively young country on the world stage?


The BILLJIM Song at SoundCloud Audio
(Music only for download to your mobile)


The Billjim Song – Tara Vocals (no music)
(3m6s, 14.3 Mb)

Share Tara Mix: http://youtu.be/hcGYKgb-zEI



Note all the Billjim work will be backed up at the Internet Archive –
you may well find download is faster and easier.

1. The Billjim Song – ‘Karaoke Style’ video – wmv 14 Mb:

Download direct from Internet Archive:
https://archive.org/details/TheBilljimSong16Mar2013 [wmv video]

2. The Billjim Song – music only – wma 4 mb

Download direct from Internet Archive:
https://archive.org/details/TheBilljimSongForAnzacCentenaryThemeSong [wma]

Internet Archive



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