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Exclusive Broadcast Rights Billjim Anzac Centenary Theme Song
Invitation To Tender (ITT) –  for Exclusive Broadcast Rights to use The Billjim Song – as a fair dinkum Anzac Centenary Theme Song – as adapted and developed by Peter Hogan for the term 2014 – 2018

Introduction / Background Information
The official start of the Anzac Centenary in 2014 is getting real close. The Billjim Song as the fair dinkum Theme Song for the Anzac Centenary (and literally the dark horse in the legitimate National Anthem stakes after 2018) project needs funding to develop and setup its Foundation / Trust / with the eventual goal of self-funding in perpetuity.  

The Anzac Centenary board headed by former Prime Ministers Hawke and Frazer were careful to recommend that a motif be developed, but they completely overlooked that just as important would be a theme song. A while ago unearthed a forgotten 1918 era ditty, Billjim, by Edward Dyson (1865-1931) adapted and developed into the heir apparent, particularly in the novel, but effective way it captures the Australian spirit of mateship.

It climaxes with,

Bill, there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is Jim!
  [Hence: ‘billjim1plugs42′ tagline]

The proof that it works is simple, just take a look at it:

Share The Billjim Song: 
Can you sing along and keep up with the pace?!

• Does not focus only on war.
• The focus on mateship crosses all demographics – multicultural, young and old, locale.
• It’s not about that humiliating defeat, but Winning (against those same guys).
• Lasting qualities.




Billjim not Digger article 11 Feb 1936


Though we are already officially listed as Submission No. 50 – Aug. 2010:

Anzac Centenary letter 17 Dec 2012

on 28 February 2013 we formally put our theme song proposal to Minister Snowdon.
Now, he and/or the board can either be thankful and get behind The Billjim Song, and save the taxpayer a lot of money; or form yet another committee, and have a national competition, etc. In any event, The Billjim Song is a natural that can stand on its own – official or defacto, especially if it gets a kick start with a bit of promotion and an iTunes release. And a promotion music video that will feature diverse modern Australia – each of its first 56 lines will be recited by a different Australian – a mix of cultures, ages and locales – small and big towns, cities / suburbia, the Outback; with famous Australians to repeat the climax (lines 55 & 56), where they substitute the name of their best mate. 

[BFF], there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is [Mate]!

So you would be covering both bets – an inferior impostor coming with the government deal and the legitimate Billjim song, that is much more popular with the public.

In your planning think about, ‘What is there after the Gallipoli defeat?’ It still leaves 3 years. What the public don’t know about is our only ever epochal military victory. Winning is pivotal part of our theme song.

1 OCTOBER 1918

Exploits of the Billjim – 1916 to 1918
(24iii, 15m 33s, 98.9Mb)


As for the use of German music, Beethoven’s Egmont Overture (specifically its 3 min. intro) which fits like a glove and has lots of useful variations as background theme music to your broadcast (heroic, melancholy, driving, epic; starting slow and racing to the climax – it would be a hoot for a crowd to sing at sporting events) …well there are notable precedents, particularly the Americans and their Star Spangled Banner, not to mention the Scottish Dodds McCormick’s unfathomable Advance Australia Fair, giving a stock reply:

Movements Dtl 3


Corporate Image
It’s all about keeping your organization ahead of the bunch in promoting itself to the Australian public, and your clients, as being into the Anzac Centenary spirit of mateship in a novel, but effective way

No matter what kind of Australian corporate you can’t beat this for a catchy tagline:

Official Plugger

billjim-1plugs42-mateship-logo-10ix(Billjim, “one who’ll plug for two” – from The Billjim Song
c.1918 a fair dinkum Anzac Centenary Theme Song)

Customized Brand Name video productions would use a mix of your employees for each of the first 54 lines, your CEO would do the climax lines:

Australia, there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is [Channel X]!


Lest Some Of Us Forget

Peter Hogan
PO Box 1
Potts Point NSW 1335

The BILLJIM Song contact info2
* * *


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