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Mugsar 4-way za-kig2 1235D-121A5

Mugsar Sumerian edub education house of tablets 1208D-1207E

edub education house of tablets 1208D-1207E

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Now in its 10th season Mugsar de facto standard Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary https://www.google.com/search?q=sumerian+cuneiform+dictionary

Mugsar de facto standard Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary


ᴹᵘᵍˢᵃʳ𒊩𒊬𒐘𒆥⁴ʷᵃʸ Eshdam Restoration Project

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Sumerian Transgender Brothel Tablet 4600yo Mugsar 

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Punchline: 𒉡 It’s any-which-way in The Eshdam 𒈨

The Eshdam 1st Film Sumerian 5 Millennia Mugsar



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The less bowdlerized version

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Mugsar Makes Amazon Top 5

Check out the Mugsar competing with rich corporates Top 5 (26v18) at Amazon Best Sellers – Teen and Young Adult Reference (No. 1 is the so-called defacto standard American dictionary Merriam-Webster but it’s owned by the jew Safra banking dynasty based in Geneva who got even more rich out of WWI – more)



Mugsar The Film

Title: The First Student

Mugsar the film (say ‘2021 and 3 sequels) development says it all – James Cameron’s Avatar sequels go forward in Civilization Time we go back to where it all started 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and a little help from LUGAL-12217 alien visitors as their ‘avatar’ Peter Hogan moves thru CT and the 11th Dimension.

We all know who controls Hollywood and why there are movies about Egypt and Marvel / DC comics super heroes, but nothing about the originals – Gilgamesh, Enki, Inanna… It becomes an endictment, bad karma (the grim reaper cometh, tho) for the movers n shakers in Hollywood. Throw in IT billionaires who could fund our Mugsar movie outside the Hollywood system and stream direct to devices with Amazon / Netflix.

More details as soon as we get script development funding from one of the aforementioned that has a guilt complex, offset with an immortality one.


Business Plan: https://mugsarsumerian.com/neis.htm

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Cheeky – Tara Hogan’s Parrot – 12010 – 12019CT

We are very very sad to announce Tara’s parrot that she named ‘Cheeky’ when she was 8 years old has transitioned to immortality – see Cheeky’s unique contribution to our Susan de Vere woork, particularly “How to make a parrot sonnet” for students and exposing the Shakespeare mask, as Leonardo diConure.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgHdIQE0IS4 &gt;
Share: http://youtu.be/xgHdIQE0IS4

A very special member of the family, Cheeky, a South American conure, was almost 9 years old. A fantastic whistler that loved flying around the house and landing on Tara.



How To Really Impress Someone: Mugsar Edition
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We all know the name of the game in life, especially in business and careers, is encapsulated by the simple, but critical catchphrase, “How to really impress someone” <= Try the exact phrase (with quotes) for yourself in the Google All search.

Moreover, like the Sumerians conveyed their concepts with images on tablets, the Mugsar conveys it with the modernday equivalent, digital images. One of our key markteting taglines is based on the fact that the Mugsar is the ultimate way to impress someone, and that such an audacious statement actually has credibility, and can be tested with Google.

Imagine someone glances at your screen, and don’t see some brainless gameapp, instead they see you exploring our Kindle ebook:

How to really impress someone Mugsar 22i

So where do you think it also ranks on Google Images (even without the quotes) remembering this is not an iPhone99+ promotion, we have no $zillion advertising campaign like Apple.

Try it for yourself, https://google.com/search?q=how+to+really+impress+someone



Mugsar Collector’s Edition
Now Available on
Amazon Kindle

Or just search Amazon Education-Reference
(Release Date: Solstice 21 June 12017CT)

By acquiring your family’s very own Mugsar Collector’s Edition you will be supporting the development of the Mugsar and helping to get the Sumerians back to their rightful position on education curriculums ahead of the Establishment’s dictated hierarchy of courses, essentially “groups that plagiarized the Sumerians”.
In return, not only do you get the altruistic satisfaction of seeing Mugsar gaining ground in Amazon and Google rankings, you also get, for all time, a free listing on the Mugsar Immortal Benefactors Register.

More details and customized options for benefactors at the New Mugsar Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary Home – Immortalizer



Why Support the Mugsar?

What’s in it for me, my family, my school, my business, my community?
Taking the high road, it’s a major altruistic endeavor.
From a selfish viewpoint, it’s a genuine shot at immortality.
To validate such a bold answer let’s do a comparison.

Which has a better shot at Immortality: iPhone vs Mugsar ?

You know the iPhone from the zillion dollar Apple advertising campaigns.
It’s an apt comparison because founder Steve Jobs (11955-12011CT) is of the same generation, as is Microsoft’s Bill Gates (b. 11955CT) to Mugsar Pete’s (b. 11956CT), but he never ran into a Steve Wozniak or a Paul Allen, who were critical in the start of both enterprises.
The epochal Mugsar is the only standalone Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary for the founders of western civilization in the world.
Compare its world ranking already with elite professors without $1 in support at academia.edu (considering too most of these professors get a  $120K+ lifetime salary but few produce papers that students look at, whereas there’s Pete’s Mugsar produced in stone cold poverty).


*‘THE’ Professors average 131 followers study

sumerian cuneiform dictionary mugsar followers outstrip established professors

Only the Mugsar rides the coattails of, and promotes ‘Civilization Time’ for all students in all cultures.
It constantly highlights the position of the Sumerians in CT to avoid the naivete of referring to them as ‘ancient’, and as a symbol that we are all part of its ascent – no cultural or class barriers, and so that users can see an unbroken timeline cf. the incumbent broken zero missing backwards sectarian year counting.

The Mugsar will become the defacto standard for every student in every school in the world to know Sumerian Cuneiform.
Can any other product realistically boast a market share that big?
We’re not talking iPhones grabbing 30% of world market share, and wondering can they maintain it against Android et al.
Will the whole Apple corporation be even in existence in 1000* years? [*For the Mugsar we could easily add lots of zeros to the time frame but we’ll keep the argument within a sporting chance for Apple.]
Can you even imagine how people will communicate in 1000 years, a chip implant or something direct to the brain?
Will a well run society’s top educators think it reasonable to make sure students know Sumerian Cuneiform and how they founded ‘education’ to make Western Civiliztion possible in the first place. (Will they really be able to keep their jobs by only pushing the Romans and Greeks, like they got nothing from the Sumerians?)
Or will those students be browsing the Mugsar with those brain implants?


Which do you think has a better shot at growing market share, year in year out, decade in decade out, century in century out, millennia in millennia out – iPhone or Mugsar?

Which do you think has a better shot at immortality – iPhone or Mugsar?

Benefactors-Sponsors of Mugsar Sections-Signs

One day you will be gone.
Nobody will know you ever existed.
Why be forgotten?

Immortalize yourself, your family, your school, your business, your community by sponsoring the entire Mugsar, sections, like the nifty QuickFinder index, individual signs.

It’s something like what happens in archaeology where a newly discovered dinosaur is named after a benefactor, like “Anzu wyliei – Chicken from Hell” dinosaur named for the benefactor’s grandson, Wylie J Tuttle.

Obviously signs would have different values, depending on special attributes. High value ones would be particularly prestigious, for example, the very first on the alpha-numeric unicode system:

12000 12000 A water A vowel; water… {The Xxxxx Family MUGSAR benefactors 12014CT nigul icon The Xxxxxx Family 12017CT}
The icon used is nigul, an everlasting possession [120FB nih2 possession + 1230C ul distant time]

Heck, even dispossessed families like ours could be assigned some immortality pixels somewhere, including obscure variants that may still become more valuable for compound-making; and even turning graphics like the cover into a 10×10 pixel mosaic (aka image mapping) .
All plots would link to the official Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Register.

Finder’s Commissions

There would be a 20% Finder’s Commission if the new MIB is found by an existing MIB.

More details at the Immortalizer page.

Mugsar Worldwide Headquarters

Being the school/town that becomes the Mugar’s wordwide headquarters could one day not only make you famous but also be an injection into the local economy, especially by creating jobs and hosting the MugsarFest (see below). All welcome. No candidate too small.
Whatever happens, it would be nice to think one day there will be a campus at the Mugsar Founders’ Byron Bay Australia ancestral home, BallyHogan est. ‘1882  – as close as possible to the mystical sphinx-pyramid conjuring Hogans Bluff (on maps near 171 Midgen Flat Road Newrybar NSW).







The inaugural international MugsarFest is being planned for the Solstice 22 December 12021CT.
It will include sales/auctions of signs; workshops – like how to write on clay; prizes for best clay tablet works, may be even replicas of famous Sumerian clay tablets, like the Gilgamesh Epic.
More details here

Mugsar Careers / Internships / Volunteers

There are going to be lots of opportunities. Let us know what you have to offer or be the first one to setup a local MugsarFest Fundraiser and make a name for yourself.

You know plain and simple, it’s not just after you’re gone, nobody knows you ever existed, it starts way before.
It ain’t getting less competitive out there.
As a parent, what’s something special that you can put on your kid’s application to a top university?
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If I was a parent, my eyes would be lighting up on that empty starting MIBR list.
How would it look to have our family in the first 10, for all time, to boot.
A couple of grand to sponsor a sign, shoot, what have I got to lose …what if this sucker takes off some day?

At any moment, you could be watching Jimmy Fallon, and the new game is
“Who can find the Mugsar sign the fastest?”


Or some rich eccentric might be smitten about stirring up the Establishment, and puts $50,000,000 straight into advertising for just one line on a screen:


Mugsar World Tour / Guest Speaker / Video Conferencing / Personal Tuition

Pete, Mugsar Founder, will reciprocate your support in any way possible.


Mugsar Clay Tablets – more details will be at mugsarsumerian.com – there will be customized tablets for benefactors, see Immortalizer.

Educational GameApp

The Mugsar GameApp will be a natural progression if we can find an altruistic programmer. It will make learning Sumerian Cuneiform fun, easy and of course, nifty. It will incorporate all kinds of exercises. For instance, scoring points depending on the time taken to find a particular sign, unicode, lemma, and translation.

Plan B – a PBL shows ’em all, and why education must change for the 121st Century It would be awesome if whiz kids nurtured at a PBL (Project Based Learning like at High Tech High San Diego) school pulled off the GameApp. Automatically making it internationally famous.


Every startup dreams of a successful IPO and cashing in stock options, especially a genuine epochal altruistic one that can give Menlo Park – Silicon Valley – Venture Capitalists something very rare in exchange, Immortality.
The idea is, every sponsorship dollar now would convert to stock options later. So not only do you get longterm benefit, immortality, but also a bonus in the shortterm. How long? Dare we entertain an IPO within 10 years. Historically, looking back, which would have deserved an IPO more in the 121st century, Facebook or Mugsar?

Mugsar Foundation

Last but not least, one day when we stumble onto a big benefactor we will have a Mugsar Foundation with a Board of Trustees (with one a blood descendant of the founder, of course) eternal guardianship to increase the chances of our shot at immortality.

Mugsar Tagline

What kind of a student is a student who does not know Sumerian?

mugsar partner

‘education’ true etymology = edub

Of course, the shame is not on the student, we all know where the social responsibility lies when we are talking about the oldest written language – the first schools, the founders of education (indeed, that word’s True Etymology is surely edub, 3000 years before Latin plagio). So we can just as easily substitute, “What kind of teacher / professor /  dean / principal / chancellor / school / university / education department director / culture…”

mugsar sumerian crowdfunding 18viii

(18x, 25s, 1.3Mb)

Share: https://youtu.be/1l9gQndgt6A


Direct Mugsar Sign Sponsorship












Mugsar Trailer
(8ix, 2m 25s, 9Mb)

Share: https://youtu.be/vKWZy6Tbvy8


Free download:



Whatever comes to pass, little old Mugsar against the big boys, it is arguably the most important enterprise there will ever be.
Again, audacious?
Out of all products marketed today which has the most potential to be around in 1000 years?
5,000 years later there are no Sumerians around to stick up for themselves. We have to be their agents.
Who knows with the butterfly effect, where the Mugsar will take us. That one little thing we do.
Even if all you can do is post: “Just impressed [someone] with the #Mugsar”




mugsar academia feedback2






Tattoo Your Name in Cuneiform


true etymology Mugsar Sumerian GIBAL  equals BIBLE

True Etymology : Jerusalem is Sumerian – uru = city + salim = wellbeing


Free The Mugsar

(18x, 10s, 738KB)

Share: https://youtu.be/tB6ilf3pd4I

As you get into Sumerian Cuneiform using the epochal Mugsar and begin to get a sense of just how indebted modern western civilization is to them, you soon begin to wonder why they’re suppressed in education. And who is doing the suppression (cf. Joseph Campbell’s Threshold Guardians)? #FreeTheMugsar



Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary MUGSAR ebook viewer


Mugsar eBook Description

Not just the niftiest, the Mugsar is the only standalone, self-contained, full-fledged, multi-faceted ‘Sumerian Cuneiform English Dictionary’ in the world:
1230B flipped2 The unique “Mugsar 4-Way” (see screen shots below)
1. unicode 2. sign 3. lemma 4. translation
All on one screen. At elite university sites it’s all over the place. None give unicodes and their translations are superficial / computer generated looking.
1230B flipped2 The real nifty part, the “Mugsar QuickFinder Index” (see screen shots below)
1230B flipped2 Specially designed for small ‘tablet’ screens that may not be able to display cuneiform fonts.


The first great civilization (fl c. 6600CT – 8000CT) were the Sumerians – “Ki.en.gi”, who were black (‘sag.gigga’) to boot!
Much has been plagiarized from them without due attribution, not just the wheel, writing, law, but even true etymologies – the real origins of so many English words e.g.  ‘abzu’ = abyss, not to mention ‘shekel’,  the Hebrew term for money — no thanks  to the ‘white male academe fraternity’ with lifetime jobs / pensions who we pay our children to teach nonsense – they would have us believe that everything starts with the Greeks and Romans, world champion plagiarizers themselves.

Sumer to Greece plagiarism

Our libraries may as well forget the non-fiction / history section – just put it all under fiction. How do those academes relegate this great civilization to what’s conjured by terms like “ancient” and “BC”. It’s not going backwards, they come first at about 6600CT.

Enduring Sumerian picture script on tablets offers us a lot more than Greek phonetic writing on papyrus (much of it disintegrated almost immediately). One might first say that for starters the Greeks were much more intellectual. But how much of the basics were lifted from the Sumerians.
With the tablets we have a conduit, like electrons through a main circuit travelling at the speed of light straight back 5,000 years ago. Analogous to astronomers and their powerful telescopes peering back into the evolution of galaxies (now there’s an aptly interesting True Etymology – see 120F2 GAL big) and the universe. The pictures the scribes have transmitted on those tablets impress a profound insight into exactly how the people of the first civilization were thinking. Even with only a basic familiarity with the meanings of the logograms, it can be like watching timeshifted live video. Much more fascinating than the most expensive Steven Speilberg blockbuster but then what’s a movie without a scriptwriter, and we’re talking about the very first writers ever, who put down the motifs of Gilgamesh and Inana.

So at the next party you can say “I like movies” or “I’m studying a second language, French…” or you can say, “I’m a collaborator on the MUGSAR … a nifty little igiTablet MUGSAR (they had it a bit before Steve Jobs!) we are developing so anyone can watch the Sumerians walking around 5,000 years ago…”


mugsar tablet 1 introduction

Inspiration for all this came out of not being able to find a Sumerian cuneiform list with unicode, lemma and English reading. There are some amazing dedicated websites and books produced by some amazing academes, but… Anyway, from the experience of living in Japan and studying kan-ji, you have to have the logogram, reading and translation all together. Just reading and translation is useless. And now of course linking everything is the unicode – all evolving to the MUGSAR 4-Way.

Reproduction – Copy Peter & Tara Hogan 12013CT

Copy for non-commercial purposes. Where relevant give proper attribution, see Reference section. It’s all part of the unearthing process, Civilization Time, belongs to all of us, especially when the subject matter is the displaced first one – can you just see that black Kiengi designing that first tablet 5000 years ago.






The unique “MUGSAR 4-Way
1. unicode 2. sign 3. lemma 4. translation
Here’s a screenshot:

MUGSAR 4-WAY 1 unicode 2 sign 3 lemma 4 translation ex4

inana loincloth of 7 divine powers 26i

Well funded ETCSL academes et al have everything separated, don’t give unicodes at all, and for the sign they link off to PSD where it is often not clear which is the relevant one. And their translations are superficial, probably computer generated.
When you work with the actual cuneiform signs, rather than just impotent readings using our boring English phonetic script, you start to see that the scribes were not just telling a story, but literally painting the scene.

When we start going deeper than such misleading translations it becomes very revealing. It’s not just that to the chagrin of some, that the Sumerians keep referring to themselves as black, there’s a sign in particular that clearly tells us that the very first professors, scholars, experts, master craftsman, the ones who could write and teach, were black,

1222A MI gig2 black Inana black braided hair 7400CT

…and ‘um-mi-a’ is not just of a more recent period of only 4,000 years ago (Ur III) it goes way back to over 5,000 years ago (ED IIIb) [a good 2,000 years before the Greeks et al]:

cpd um-mi-a first professors are BLACK psd 14 over 5000ya


cpd digir dim3-mi-ir black god


Gilgamesh is black MUGSAR


Enheduanna 7715-7750CT earliest known author was female


There on the tablets, “black people” are the “city-dwellers” and “rulers of Sumer”:

MUGSAR 4way black citydwellers rulers of Sumer c133 233


MUGSAR 4way black citydwellers rulers of Sumer c133 234


The scribes who invented writing 5000 years ago clearly had no inhibitions about the basis for the design of their cuneiform, nor should we bowdlerize [etym.: Thomas Bowdler expurgated William Shakespeare (aka Edward de Vere) ‘1822] for hypocritical luddites / puritans who are still happy to plagiarize the technology revolution started by the Sumerians, and it may well have been the inspiration for the whole style ~ cunei.form = cuneus writing.

tablet 1 introduction

Scratching and dragging a pointed stylus would not have been near as effective and enduring for us to be able to read now. And it can be no coincidence that the Sumerian apotheosis of ‘woman’ through the cuneus-shaped v sign has come down to us as the first letter of vagina, a fundamental example of our True Etymology campaign. Just take a look at early proto cuneiform signs:

CDLI:  http://cdli.ucla.edu/ Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (Oxford/UCLA) – note Late Uruk Period signs – full list of proto-cuneiform signs (large file) – pdf: http://www.cdli.ucla.edu/tools/SignLists/ATU1.pdf – ‘MUG’ examples:

 proto MUG p1 p1 proto MUG p2  p2 proto MUG p3  p3  proto MUG p4 p4


Mugsar Social Media – Reciprocal Altruism – Big Buddy Program

Mugsar hashtags might go something like this:

#mugsarbuyer from #[town]  wants to buy custom #mugsartablet from #lowincometown with these specifications: [image]

Will send #WesternUnion [$xx to cover postage etc] on order agreement and [$xx] on receipt of finished #mugsartablet

[#MugsarCenter in regional low income home town helps locals with the whole process, and gets additional assistance through #MugsarBigBuddy Program with connection to #MugsarCenter in high income town]

#mugsarmaker @[name] from #lowincometown #[town] gets #5stars for my custom #mugsartablet: [image]

All #mugsartablets to be #mugsarstamped [scribe name, “mugsar”, two digit year – all using cuneiform signs – to increase value]

If buyer sells for profit in future commission goes to original #mugsarmaker

Awards for #mugsarmasterworks at annual #MugsarFestival
Special webpage on eventual mugsarsumerian.com


The nifty Mugsar QuickFinder Index – screen shots

MUGSAR QuickFinder1

MUGSAR QuickFinder2

MUGSAR QuickFinder3x

MUGSAR QuickFinder4

MUGSAR QuickFinder5


12322 UMBIN wheel breakdown2


The very first Mugsar upload, the cover, 6 October 12013CT 


Mugsar creation laptop 6x12013CT

The Mugsar was created on this laptop 6x12013CT

Mugsar 𒊩𒊬 is proudly, and primarily, a Sumerian dictionary of the first writers, not Akkadian, Babylonian nor Hittite ones. So we pretty much are only interested in lemma that go back to at least Ur III (8000CT / 4000ya). Nor lemma that have 0x attestations. Again there are some great lexicons around but they include a big chunk of this latter stuff, when plagiarizing the Sumerians was in full swing. And don’t even show attestations, nor you know what… it’s bad enough that there are no signs, but to think that much is not even Sterling-Sumerian, or rarely used, well.

You may notice with sign evolution, that it goes from the proto drawings to the cool Sumerian cuneiform, and then about 1000 years after them the fanastic pictures are lost through over simplification and the move to bland phonetic script. Who wants to look at that kind of dictionary.

Some may say the first writers are lacking more intellectual concepts. But maybe those can still come. There’s two ways for them to still make it into MUGSAR one day: 1) such cuneiform may eventually be unearthed 2) as we take in so many awesome signs gathered together on one *QF* screen (not java programmed all over the place – will PSD be  as easy as the MUGSAR to pass on to future generations via the Internet Archive?!) the more familiar we get with the way Sumerian (not Akkadian, Greek, Roman et al) scribes were thinking 4-5000 years ago, then you know what we could be capable of? If we can start thinking like a scribe, why shouldn’t we be able to pick up the stylus, and carry on their work, by fusing any missing intellectual cuneiform, including rendering of new technology terms.

And so, that’s why we are proudly snobs of MUGSAR!


Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder

dubsar scribe comb

twitter-button  pinterestr-button  facebook-button





Mugsar Español
Cómo realmente impresionar a alguien


Mugsar Los Angeles – New York
VP Marketing could be you!

Deutschland / Deutsche
Wie man wirklich jemanden beeindrucken

France / Françai
Comment impressionner vraiment quelqu’un

Italia / Italiano
Come impressionare veramente qualcuno

日本 Nihon / 日本語 Nihongo
Dareka ni hontōni inshōdzukeru hōhō

中國 Zhōngguó China / 中文 Zhōngwén
Rúhé zhēnzhèng dǎdòng mǒu rén

इंडिया India / हिंदी Hindi
कैसे वास्तव में किसी को प्रभावित
kaise vaastav mein kisee ko prabhaavit

नेपाल Nēpāla / नेपाली Nēpālī
साँच्चै कसैले प्रभावित कसरी
Sām̐ccai kasailē prabhāvita kasarī

عربى Arabic
كيفية إقناع شخص ما حقا
kayfiat ‘iiqnae shakhs ma haqana

Türkiye / Türk
Birini gerçekten etkilemek nasıl

Hoe iemand echt iemand te imponeren

Россия Russia / русский
Как действительно произвести впечатление на кого-то
Kak deystvitel’no proizvesti vpechatleniye na kogo-to

… Send us the image for your country

Sumerian Cuneiform True Etymology English Dictionary – Ed. Peter & Tara Hogan 12013CT

Faculty of True Origins

galmesh .. mumesh



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