Singers Wanted

Need singer(s) to do The Billjim Song, a forgotten 1918 era ditty, Billjim, by Edward Dyson (1865-1931) that we are developing as the Theme Song for the Anzac Centenary.

It fits perfectly with the 3 min. intro to Beethoven’s Egmont Overture – starts slow then races to the climax – see our Youtube Channel.

The payoff is a possible chunk of the government’s $4.7 million (for this specific category) grant hand out, for which we are already officially listed as ‘No. 50 (out of 680), received Aug. 2010’. See the official website:
and maybe an iTunes release down the track when we hit the 2014-2018 free for all – Anzac movies, TV shows.

Give us a yell if interested and/or upload your rendition (tag “Billjim1plugs42”) – it could be just one of the 56 lines, even.

Diverse, multicultural, Indigenous, Asian, Middle Eastern, European Australian singers, very welcome.

The Billjim Song – Sheet Music
(3m6s, 14.0 Mb, 23iii)

The Billjim Song
(instrumental, 3m28s, 14.3 Mb, 16iii)

Anzac Centenary Theme Song Billjim 16iii


Anzac Centenary letter 17 Dec 2012


Sheet Music pdf: The Billjim Song Sheet Music

.. 1 Egmont .1. 2 Egmont .2. 3 Egmont .3. 4 Egmont .4. 5 Egmont .5. 6 Egmont .6.7 Egmont  .7. 8 Egmont .8. 9 Egmont .9.10 Egmont .10.


Detailed Movements

.. Movements Dtl 1 .1-4. Movements Dtl 2 .5-8.

Peter Hogan


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