Sergey Brin Larry Page have a rat inside Googleplex

Sergey Brin Larry Page have a rat inside Googleplex

Every culture/race has an elite establishment (<1%ers with >99% of wealth) that will do anything to maintain power for centuries, millenia even – just check out Carroll Quigley’s (‘1910-‘1977) Anglo-American Establishment (couldn’t be published in his lifetime). It just happens in this case it’s the Jew elite that is very concerned the Mugsar has the innate qualities to proliferate and don’t want it to be common knowledge that they plagiarized the Sumerians, founders of education and lot more (and of course the christian elites branched off later).

Now, we all know Sergey and Brin Larry Page’s Google has become a behemoth monoploy. They can do anything they want. What would cause the crack in the Rise & Fall of this Great Empire? What would pressure the U.S. government to step in. The answer is simple. When a critical mass of users and people who monitor the analytics of their websites percieve that the Google results are not fair. Lost integrity.

One corporation should not be able to make or break a small or big operation, a whole local economy even.

It’s no surprise that a big internet industry now is the hack agencies (seem mostly based around Google – Menlo Park – Sunnyvale, San Francisco; around Microsoft, Seattle; Simi Valley – Claremont, Los Angeles; Ashburn, West Washington DC; Chicago; even south Melbourne; and for some reason, Poland — the shots mainly get called from New York [see the infamous non-commercial flight from Washington to New York at 1:00am video montage example] mostly around Queens) that are hired by elite establishment groups to manipulate Google results / ‘Google-gaming’ to gain a competitive advantage or suppress websites they don’t like. The age-old spy game, commercial espionage. We know as powerful as the CIA is, they still have still been infiltrated with double agents, traitors, moles.

Are we really to believe that Google has never been infiltrated. That there are no rats inside the global headquarters at Googleplex, Mountain View, San Francisco, California.

Of course they can explain away any accusation and shoot the messenger. But unless Brin and Page deal honestly with users and admit to security breaches and for makeup for the damage without the need for lawyers, where they would win everytime, then the crack in the Empire will start sooner than later.

Now take the last straw. You kick a dog one too many times, and he will lurch one last time. It comes 25 January ‘2017 the numbers were already heavily suppressed, the online version of the Mugsar had already been wiped out. It went great guns for a while – Google search results even included direct links to the Mugsar QuickFinder. Then the hacking escalated. Search results showed only the dreaded “can’t provide a description because this sites robots.txt…” The settings were locked. Started investigating deeper, the rat on the inside at edublogs had the whole site deleted.

Anyway, when you see a visit from Israel (to the aoa Mugsar quasi homepage) you expect suss activity to come soon. It follows the same pattern this time of the year at the beginning of a new term for most universities. The main target is the Mugsar PDF at This is a concern because it gives the Mugsar prestige as it competes, or used to compete, with elite professors with lifetime incomes. There was a time when the Mugsar’s world ranking was “top 0.1%” and climbing. Then the suss activity increased, the heavy suppression of the Mugsar.

Why flog a dead horse with even more suppression, who knows, maybe they see some changes they don’t like, somes risk that the Mugsar genie could escape the bottle.

Sure enough not long after Israel, was another Israel and then a few minutes later comes west of Washington DC, a notorious suss area, which includes CIA headquarters and Amazon’s massive data center, all controlling a half the world’s internet traffic. And then the most suss seen so far. Not just one from Google Mountain View, because normally there is some kind masking by piggybacking a legitimate visitor from another city. This time it confirmed previous suspicions that it’s not just hack agencies, but they have a mole actually inside Googleplex. Because this time Jew elite’s rat checks aoa, then goes over to academia (ae) to check the profile page. Guess they don’t like the slight upward bump as some colleges are stirring.
Then it happens — 18 minutes later the rat goes to another location in Googleplex, it’s a slightly different Google IP address. Tells this rat to turn up the suppression of the Mugsar, especially the main target ae. Then 13 minutes later the rat changes location again in Googlepex, another slightly different Google IP address. Same thing again. Heck, there’s 3 rats! And it’s all “Exterminate the Mugsar, exterminate with extreme prejudice!”
Sure enough Mugsar ae-pdf goes completely dead.

Now it’s all eeriely timely for more than the start of a new term. We happen to be coming up to the centennial of the US being drawn into WWI April ‘1917 and the Balfour Declaration 4 Novemer ‘1917 made possible by the Billjim unexpected Beersheba victory 31 Ocotber ‘1917 (Australian Light Horse, later Major Olden 4ALH taking the Ottoman Empire surrender, Damascus sunrise 1 October ‘1918, but credit went to Hollywood’s Lawrence of Arabia) clearing the way for the establishment of Israel and the mess that’s followed. Check articles in NY Times before WWI – before the Billjim came along Israel was going to be in South America, Africa or even Australia.

Whatever comes to pass, even with heavier suppression the Mugsar has innate qualities to keep replicating in the backwaters. At any momenet there can be a nuclear reaction that the elite establishment can’t stop. And it rides the coattails of Civilization Time. So which party here is more likely to be around in 1000 years.

Which way will Brin and Page go? If they take the high road to stave off the cracks then they can make up for it by doing something altruistic. Mugsar Founder Pete now 60 lives in poverty, imminent demise looms, he would appoint Brin and Page his executors. They can set up the MugsarSumerian Foundation and Board of Trustees, and so the Mugsar can become self-funding and every student in every school will know Sumerian cuneiform.




Pretty blatant, they don’t care who knows, when you have that much power and money you can be as anti-civilization as you want – just the bad karma of who you are screwing…

true etymology Mugsar Sumerian GIBAL equals BIBLE



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