7a Screen Australia

Glen Boreham’s Screen Australia is just not fair dinkum.

Doing it the old way isn’t working. Our own Aunty ABC’s Hungry Beast program said exactly what the the whole country thinks, “The Australian Film Commission, aka ‘Screen‘ [what does that mean anyway?!] Australia, or whatever they change their name to next, is a joke!  They keep wasting millions of taxpayer dollars.

Next time you bump into your local MP, which no doubt will be soon, tell ’em you want to be able to go the Screen Australia website and vote for which Film Project you think should get a go. And tell ’em what about having a go at outdoing Spielberg/Hanks and company, not to mention Peter Jackson, in the 100th Anniversary WWI market. And we don’t mean another flogged dead horse like Gallipoli. We mean a film that uses the emotion of a dead horse at the end.

We need a Prime Minister that puts the fair dinkum into the way films are funded with the Nation’s money – the Australian Voter should be able to go on the Screen Australia website and vote for Film projects that are the most fair dinkum. 
How can we be a worldplayer on the ‘world stage’ if we are not credible, we have to show in concrete documentary terms that we are not an upstart crow on the Shake-scene. A country’s movies are the key into the world psyche – how they see us. But it takes the right one to get us in.

Screen Australia = Status Quo Eternal

We need a National Lottery Film Funding system anyway, where any Australian can submit a Film Synopsis for funding – let the public decide what is fair dinkum, not the elites – see separate page here.


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