9e Reproduction – Terms & Conditions

Reproduction – Terms & Conditions

Copy Peter Hogan and Tara Hogan ‘1993 – ‘2017 –

As all this is fundamentally an unearthing of various selected tablets / texts over some 12000 years of Civilization Time, the editors of all this work allow it to be copied, modified or reproduced for free for so long as there is reasonable attribution back to the Mugsar and relevant reference sources.
One way to educate people on the achievements of the displaced Sumerians as founders of Western Civilization is to have local MugsarFest Fundraisers around the world, especially in struggling economies. Visitors to the local MugsarFest would learn how the Sumerians inscribed clay tablets and there would be auctions of locally produced clay tablets. So it could stimulate your local economy and encourage affluent patrons to become Mugsar Immortal Benefactors, which would get you a Finder’s Commission.
For more details see the New Mugsar Home – Immortalizer

You could even become the Mugsar VP of Marketing for your entire region one day once the Mugsar gets enough funding, which we hope to kickstart with the Mugsar Collector’s Edition – Amazon Kindle – expected Release Date – Solstice 21 June 2017CT

Note: These conditions would be subject to change if we find a University Home at the discretion of the subsequent not-for-profit Foundation Trustees.

Peter & Tara Hogan
PO Box 1
Potts Point NSW 1335


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