6d Prime Ministers to send their children to War too

Petition to Change Constitution
“Prime Ministers / Presidents to send their children to War too”

It’s not just our suspicion about the true motives of our Prime Ministers – like where are all the other countries, and Middle East Oil (as admitted by Brendan Nelson before being hushed up) and the spurious obligations to the U.S. following WWII even though the elite rich American business families (all Wars are about the squabbling between upper classes in one part of the globe with another clan, but are fought by the lower classes of both sides – WWI was even more diabolical but you will never see true origins in Establishment controlled education / Hollywood – The Jewish Rothschild (etym.: red+shield) brothers (one in each major European city) were bankers to both sides – they didn’t care who won. The rich make a lot of money out of wars. First, they need to start one, the bigger, and longer it goes, the better. Half way through WWI the German high command could see they were outgunned with the Americans coming in. They tried to do a deal to bring it to an end but the Billjim hadn’t quite finished the astonishing achievement of delivering Palestine – once they took Damascus the war was allowed to end. And of course, when it did end, it was only 20 years before they got it started again. The Palestine Campaign has been called a sideshow to the Western Front, but the alarming paradox is that the Rothschild zionists set the whole thing up for it to be the other way around – why accept South America of the New York Times ‘1908 article when you have that much growing power, If the rich were to kill only one person in the process of getting richer, it would be murder – they could be fingered and hauled into a court, when millions of plebs on both sides are to be murdered, it’s euphemistically called a war. Sumerian impostor anti-civilizationist teflon at their worst, but they inherit the earth… more)

The true origins of the Pacific War start with the U.S. – in 1853 when Admiral Perry’s infamous Black Ship forced Japan to open up after being closed for 400 years so they could exploit them for trade…

Title howard3

…that prior to the Balfour Declaration making the State of Israel possible in Palestine (previously it looked like being located in Africa) straight after the Australian Light Horse victory in Beersheba…

balfour beersheba

balfour w caption

nyt 1903

(Billjim sucked into going to War, maimed, killed, families back home destroyed, inadequate government assistance, Veterans’ Affairs is a joke, but when there is a major victory all the way to Damascus, our troops don’t get the credit, Jews were discriminated against – couldn’t even get into hotels (To Kill a Mockingbird), at a time when there was severe Protestant – Catholic hatred, mixed marriages were frowned upon, when Irish-Australians were lower than Aborigines, then all of a sudden its the ‘Christian – Jews always were buddies’ against the always were hated Arab – Muslims (except for the profits from selling weapons to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, payback for the lost Iran… war, weapons industries, oil, shareholders, CIA, CEOs, bonuses, bigotry, revenge, spinmeisters, Cable News, unfortunate collateral damage, children bombed, children without fathers, fair dinkum Australian ratings…)

Anyway, modify the draft of this petition as you like and send it to your local MP:

House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear My Local Member of Parliament

As a voting member of your electorate I hereby request that you stand in the People’s House to put forward the motion for a change to Australia’s Constitution, namely,

“The power of Prime Ministers to send the sons and daughters of Australians to war amendment”:

The Amendment text in full would read:

“If an Australian Prime Minister has such strong conviction that it is necessary to send the sons and daughters of Australians to war, that Prime Minister must also send one of their own children into combat too.

It is a prerequisite therefor that a Prime Minister must have children of combat age.”


* * *

Now we all know that not many referendums on amendments to our Constitution pass, but we also know this one would not only pass, but would get a 90% Yes vote – the same percentage reflecting which part of the population gets the rough end of the pineapple when it comes to War.

[Peter Hogan for the Senate – why was the webpage listing deleted from Google for the duration of the election, and the AEC Commissioner ignored the complaint (but fine us to enforce compulsory voting {another Constitution amendment that would easily pass} to avoid the embarrassment of low voter turnout for non-fairdinkum politicians), and the NLA webpage archive hacked… may be someone, someday, will…]



One Response to “6d Prime Ministers to send their children to War too”

  1. Paul Jones Says:

    are the kids of federal MPs too scared to fight for their country ???????

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