3a Plot

It was the Billjim (Australian Light Horse and Cameliers) innately suited to the conditions (bred in the Outback) that kicked the Turks out of the Middle East, not Lawrence of Arabia.
The myth was created by journalist Lowell Thomas sent by U.S Government to get ‘Isolationist’ Amercia interested in the War.
Then perpetuated by David Lean’s Oscar winning film with ludicrous casting of much taller Peter O’Toole, but not one Australian in the script.
Backdrop – World History 101, Colonialism, MidEast Oil.
The main subplot being mateship – a model for modern Australia – the bonding between soldiers (Bill n Jim) and between  Billjim and Waler (their horse, bred in NSW – the real star) leading to the tear-jerker ‘Killer’ last scene (Billjim ordered to shoot own Waler).


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