4j National Lottery Funding

Film funding in Australia and the way we go about it should be an Election issue.
The current system of only funding through Screen Australia those in the clique, namely “under 25 Film School Grads” or your Baz Luhrmanns, is not fair dinkum.

We should have a Billjim National Lottery Funding system. The UK Film Council has had one for years, why are we so slow to catch on? Let grassroots Australia decide what they think is fair dinkum and they are prepared to go see. They’re not stupid, they know a good story when they see one.
Film producers already use private screen tests of finished films before release, often making many costly changes as a result, sometimes cancelling theatre release and sending it straight to video – they just didn’t read the market, which is notoriously fickle anyway.
Why wait to the end of production after the money has been wasted. Why not test the initial Film Synopsis our with the public before spending any money on it.
Any Australian should be able to to submit a Film Synopsis, to say “ozfilmlotto . org . au”, and if the public thinks it is fair dinkum they buy a ticket.
Indeed, they should be able to post comments to improve the story. And for those films that go to the very heart of what it means to be fair dinkum, like the Billjim, it could even be an “Open Source Script” – where anyone can contribute (à la Wikipedia), particularly if they have a Billjim in the family history.
So when you next bump into your local MP, give them an ear full!


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