Mugsar Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary Reference and Credits

Mugsar Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary
Reference & Credits

Basics / Grammar

The Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding (ICE)

Introduction to Sumerian Grammar pdf – Daniel Foxvog. At least at the beginning, shows the logograms too!

Sumerian Grammar ‘2003 (Internet Archive) – Dietz Otto Edzard


Sumerian Lexicon pdf & The Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Process – John Halloran –

Literature of Ancient Sumer, Jeremy Black – Google Books


PSD – Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project – could have been fantastic, except that they seem to think it was perfect and stopped back in ‘2006 – no interest in unicodes / putting everything together. Anyway, once you get the hang of it, you can see Steve Tinney and his colleagues have still done a terrific job.

Early Dynastic and Early Sargonic Tablets from Adab – Giuseppe Visicato, Aage Westenholz 2010; Bureaucracy of Fara – Giuseppe Visicato 1995; The Proto-Elamite Texts from Tepe Yahya 1989 – Peter Damerow, Robert K Englund, OrNS 1995; K. Maekawa, Mesopotamia 1973-74, ASJ – 1982, 1987; A. Cavigneaux and F. Alrawi 2002; P. Steinkeller SDU 1989, 1995; Earliest Land Tenure Systems in the Near East: Kudurrus. I. J. Gelb, P. Steinkeller, and R. M. Whiting, Jr. 1991; W. Sallaberger, Kalender 1993; M. Sigrist, Drehem 1992; C. Wilcke, ZA 1996; M. Stol, BSA 1995; M. Sigrist, Drehem 1992; W. Sallaberger, Ur III-Zeit 1999; F. Pomponio and G. Visicato, ED Szuruppak 1994; J.N. Postgate and P. Steinkeller, LAT 1992, SDU 1989; M. van de Mieroop, Isin crafts 1987; T. Maeda, ASJ 1982; P. Steinkeller, AuOr, SDU 1989 ; J. Hoyrup, Lengths Widths Surfaces 2002; W. Rollig and H. Waetzoldt, RlA 1993-1997; P. Attinger and M. Krebernik, Schretter 2004; M. Powell, Drinking in Ancient Societies 1994

ORACC: The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus

ETCSL – The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL), a project of the University of Oxford, comprises a selection of nearly 400 literary compositions [Jeremy Black [‘1951-‘2004, founder]

ETCSL Search AdvancedSimple | Glossary | Proper Nouns | sitemap

Fast Find: substitute in hypertext edit composition parameters composition c.1.3.3 line 129 = c133.129


CDLI – UCLA/Oxford Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative


Sumerian Cuneiform Pioneers

As mentioned earlier the problem with fancy databases of the zillion dollar endowment elite university professors with lifetime salaries is that plebs like us (especially considering the average web user’s short attention span of 5 nano seconds) struggle to find actual Sumerian cuneiform on their databases – just boring pages of English alphabet. That you now get straight up with the Mugsar QuickFinder and 4-Way. So for true reference, to really get a feel for what the Sumerian scribes were trying to say, it seems easier to go back to the Sumerian cuneiform icebraking codebreaking pioneers of a century ago, like these guys below where you can instantly and easily browse their works on the amazing Internet Archive:

Sumerian Tablets from Umma – Published ‘1915 Ed. Charles Lees Bedale (‘1879-‘1919) – Internet Archive

Sumerian Epics And Myths Cuneiform Series III– Published ‘1934 – Edward Chiera (b. Rome ‘1885 – d. Chicago ‘1933) – Internet Archive

A Sumerian Reading Book – Published ‘1924 – C.J. Gadd – Internet Archive

The Exaltation of Inanna – Enheduanna – William W. Hallo and J. J. A. van Dijk – Published ‘1968

Sumerian Proverbs – glimpses of everyday life in Mesopotamia – Edmund I. Gordon, Ed. Thorkild Jacobsen – Published ‘1959

Creation, Deluge …Legends of the Gods – Cuneiform Inscriptions – Published ‘1876 – Internet ArchiveGeorge Smith (b. ‘1840 London – d. dysentery ‘1876 Aleppo Syria) first to discover and translate The Epic of Gilgamesh.




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