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Byron Bay Hogans Bluff ‘1882 descendant / Business Partners
Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary Mugsar

Hi, I’m a descendant of the original Byron Bay Hogans

My great grandfather James Hogan selected the Coopers Shoot – Hogans Bluff – Midgen Flat 640 acres 4 May ’1882

Byron Bay Selectors Map

BallyHogan Surveyors Map ’1884

I’m also the founder of Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary Mugsar for the founders of education, effectively western civilization 5000 years ago. It’s the only standalone one in the world. Hence its top world ranking in followers and views competing with elite professors.

Analytics to date show that by far the Mugsar’s main patron base worldwide is around New York-DC and California (SF-LA) – many are from affluent demographics.

See examples at

Simple litmus test / basic marketing strategy “How to really impress someone” – (animat.gif) attributes especially to encourage students off gameapps.

If you Google: sumerian cuneiform dictionary

It already competes with the cumbersome massive databases at Ivy League universities with multi $billion endowments.

So it’s on its way to being the defacto standard for every student in every school.

Few other products have a fair dinkum shot at being around in 1000 years.

The next steps in the Mugsar’s development include:
– Setting up it’s own e-commerce website mugsarsumerian .com
– Testing crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo for seed money – probably have a modest 1st round target, increasing with subsequent rounds. One day leading to an IPO with early supporters being rewarded with the usual startup stock options.
Mugsar Crowdfunding Campaign Draft

Indiegogo draft

Mugsar Crowdfunding Campaign Video

– Future self funding to come mainly from:
— selling Sumerian signs, effectively pixels, on the new site
— manufacturing clay tablets – replicas, custom and blanks, especially for students around the world
— Annual International MugsarFest to rival successful film festivals – sale and auctions of signs/pixels; prizes for replicas of famous Sumerian clay tablets (e.g. Gilgamesh Epic)

All this means setting up the Mugsar’s worldwide headquarters.
The natural choice is somewhere in Byron Bay.
As close as possible to mystical Hogans Bluff.

So, I’m looking to develop very longterm mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and especially families in Byron Bay.

The benefits to a local business would include promotion on the new site (even a video with Pete) giving extra international attention particularly with affluent U.S. online customers, tourists and property investors. And learning about crowdfunding for other projects.

The more businesses / families we get on board the more chance of crowdfunding success. So please pass around. Any connections to Byron Bay Council would help considering the potential boost to the local economy. Early core group of supporter families would form the first Mugsar Board of Trustees with their descendants to follow. An internship with the Mugsar could also help them get into Harvard – see analytics example.

Let us know if you have any early queries. I could also come up and visit (currently live in Sydney).

If the timing is not right perhaps you can recommend something and still set the relationship in stone, or more aptly in clay tablet.


Peter Hogan
Sumerian Mugsar Founder
0490 145 xxx


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Peter Hogan Mugsar PO Box 1 Potts Point NSW 1335


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