Mugsar The Film

Mugsar The Film

Mugsar the film (say ‘2021 and 3 sequels) development says it all – James Cameron’s Avatar sequels go forward in Civilization Time we go back to where it all started 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and a little help from LUGAL-12217 alien visitors as their ‘avatar’ Peter Hogan moves thru CT and the 11th Dimension.


We all know who controls Hollywood and why there are movies about Egypt and Marvel / DC comics super heroes, but nothing about the originals – Gilgamesh, Enki, Inanna… It becomes an endictment, bad karma (the grim reaper cometh, tho)


for the movers n shakers in Hollywood. Throw in IT billionaires who could fund our Mugsar movie outside the Hollywood system and stream direct to devices with Amazon / Netflix.

More details as soon as we get script development funding from one of the aforementioned that has a guilt complex, offset with an immortality one.


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