Mugsar The Film

Mugsar The Film

Mugsar the film (say ‘2021 and 5 sequels / streaming episodes) – James Cameron’s Avatar sequels go forward in Civilization Time we go back to where it all started 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and a little help from LUGAL 12217 alien visitors as their ‘avatar’ Peter Hogan moves thru CT and the 11th Dimension.

We all know who controls Hollywood and why there are movies about Egypt and Marvel / DC comics super heroes, but nothing about the first recorded deity Inanna (Akkadian = Ishtar = Easter) the founders of western civilization being matriarch based cropped-20190421_000806 (122A9 MUG) as is naturally their invention of writing, and the first known author is female and black, Enheduanna … and so such an epochal film should ideally be directed by a female [eml ko’b 5v19].

Funding from an eccentric IT billionaire like Larry Ellison who craves the associated innate immortality along with Netflix, Amazon (not to mention new players like Apple, Disney, AT&T, looking for a Game of Thrones bootstrap).

FADE-IN – CLOSEUP iPad student using in modernday classroom – START CREDITS ROLL OVER – montage going back in time – student handwriting 10 years ago (ya) – further back using quill +. ink – 800 ya Dark Ages religion dominates only Monks literate rep copy same stories CLOSEUP Flood Story version – back back 2000 ya Romans Greeks – back back nothing wars illiteracy – finally 5000 ya CLOSEUP clay tablet – SUBTITLES “Original Flood Story text…” students in very first classroom… CREDITS END “Directed by…”

[6 separate stories a la Coen Bros’ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – to make a full length film or streaming series, the one that works best develop into a sequel / series 2 – in no particular order some story candidates:
1. Flood Tablet – flow from credits idea.
2. Inanna 7 Powers of Her Loincloth.
3. The Gilgamesh Epic – condensed.
4. LUGAL 12217 – aliens in Star Wars like spaceships kickstart Sumerian civilization.
5. Petey Mugsar Founder – avatar / agent for Sumerians timetraveller – suppression by Establishment a la “7 Days of the Condor”
6. Enheduanna – first known writer is female and black cf. standard dead white male.

“The Fates draw the willing, and drag the reticent” – we sometimes wonder how or why it came to pass that we bumped into someone who had a significant effect on our trip (Arthur Schopenhauer – “Apparent Intention in the Fate of the Individual”) – cited by Joseph Campbell, Power of Myth (cf. influence on George Lucas).

Some important marketing motifs (see also

👉 “What kind of a student is a student who does not know Sumerian?”

👉 We ‘own’ the critical career and marketing concept “How to really impress someone” (just Google this exact phrase in quotes).

👉 Apart from the usual film add-on merchandising revenues like T-shirts, caps and game-apps, there’s the potential for giga book sales – the Amazon Mugsar ebook already is regularly in the best seller top 20 for the all important YA market, and how many films can generate an annual international festival – MugsarFest.






Peter Hogan – Mugsar Founder


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