Minister Tudge Centrelink Age Gender Discrimination

Centrelink Blatant Age/Gender Discrimination Against 50-64 Australian Males

Open letter to:

The Hon Alan Tudge MP
Minister for Human Services
Parliament House

26 January ‘2017 Australia Day

Attn: Minister for Human Services & Unemployment Alan Tudge MP

cc: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Anti-Discrimination Agencies, Chris Dore Editor The Daily Telegraph, National Seniors Australia, et al

Dear Minister Tudge

Note this open letter will be online in more detail including social media as new information/video comes along, keywords, hashtags links below.

What chance has a very, very depressed, as in suicidal depressed, unemployed over 60 Australian male got of finding a job when he walks into the local Rockdale Centrelink to find out what has happened to his application submitted over a month ago (Claim ID: 0007097426 21/12/2016)

Firstly, with all the age discrimination that anyone can constantly see starting with other regularly used organizations like Big4Banks and WoolworthsColes monopolies. Most of the staff are under 50. They do not reflect the reality of the aging / greying Australian population.

Many of us 50 to 64 are bullied off Centrelink barely surviving on credit cards, savings, super, beg borrow, steal, relationship breakups.

Making the official unemployment rate of 5% a lie.

We all know it is way, way higher 15-20%

Increasing because of the government’s total failure to address age/gender discrimination in the workplace.

So with this depressing state of affairs I walk into the local Rockdale Centrelink (24/1/17) again to see what is happening. Surprise, surprise I am again greeted by a ‘staff member under 50 and female’.

I eventually get to see someone. Called over to a desk by, wait for it, another ‘staff member under 50 and female’. Sitting at her desk I look around. From where I’m sitting I count 5 other staff members. Guess what? All are ‘staff members under 50 and female’.

Indeed, to back up the point beyond coincidence. ALL phone conversations with the Centrelink Call Centre have ALL been females.

When I was originally bullied off Centrelink as intended by the new system (July 2015) ALL the staff at the new subcontractor (Advanced Personnel Management Rockdale) were ‘staff members under 50 and female’. Before the new system at Mission Australia Marrickville ALL ‘staff members under 50 and female’ except for 1 male – but with the new system he was the one squeezed out.

There you have it.
What hope is there.
The slap in your face.
The biggest, most blatant violator of age/gender discrimination laws and a fair go in Australia is the Minister for Unemployment Tudge.

How can this happen? Clearly anti-discrimination laws, and whoever is supposed to make sure they are taken seriously – the simple basics of every organization head making sure their workplace reflects the actual age/gender demographics – Attorney General, Australian Human Rights Commission, fancy window-dressing websites, complaints tabs, are all a joke.

We get constantly punished and bullied off Centrelink. No processing. No payments.

What are the penalties for Minister Tudge?

Teflon. Massive superannuation payout for being around two terms, then lucrative directorships.

If there are really Age/Gender Discrimination laws – how blatant of a violation do we need for someone to ask Minister Tudge “What’s going on?”.

Forget about my application, how about a class action for personal and professional negligence for damaging millions of 50-64/male Australians – depression, suicide – in effect pushed, murder.

One way or another, even if all this forces my premature demise the executors of my estate in the future will be instructed to bring such suit. So the case will never blow over.

For my executors as I am a Freelance Researcher ( of increasing world renown – the blatant unAustralian behaviour research (with video) to be titled something like, ‘Centrelink Lead Age/Gender Discrimination in Australia’, will be there next to my other contributions to society – the Billjim (Australian Light Horse WWI) work, a testament to what it means to be a fair dinkum Australian, and competing internationally with elite professors, world’s only standalone Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary Mugsar.

I should be entitled to compensation or an advisor contract. With all the millions of dollars the government hands out to foreign based corporations (with suspicious connections to Canberra lobbyists to be researched thoroughly) subcontractor employment agencies.

Prime Minister Turnbull needs to set a positive example of change – show 50-64 Australians that a fair dinkum effort is being made to try another way.

Give an unemployed +60 Australian male, Peter Hogan who can think outside the box, a contract (even if it’s a mere part-time $12000 a year) as ‘Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Age/Gender Discrimination for 50-64 Australians’:

Peter Hogan’s How to eradicate 50-64 unemployment in an increasingly greying Australian society

It really not that hard. Two parts:

1. ‘Fair Go Workplace’.
Workplace to reflect the country’s actual population demographics by age/gender. (Is that outrageous, will it lose you votes or gain lots?)

2. ‘FIFO Hiring System’.
Our Billjim ancestors that made this country great were not into line-jumping. You take your turn.
When a vacancy becomes available no more under 50s selfish luxury of picking and choosing, jumping from one job to another musical chairs – the vacancy gets filled by the longest unemployed 50-64 that’s a reasonable fit for the position (factoring in longterm unemployment in youth and the middle groups).

Above to be vigorously policed with currently unemployed 50-64 inspectors (there you go, a real decrease in unemployment and suicides already!) and any unAustralian behaviour by employers their bosses to be named and shamed at new and heavily fined.

Those under 50 are not going to vote you out of office. Because all Australians under 50 know they too, will one day be 50-64, and are deepdown in angst over the current unAustralian employer behaviour.

Is that worth $12000 a year? Isn’t that better than the current humiliation of 50-64 Australians?

What’s it going to be, more blatant unAustralian behaviour, which in today’s internet world will get you named and shamed for all time (as this letter will just keep popping up everywhere with the knowledge that nothing changed things only got worse fast more 50-64 male suicides) the attention constantly given by the immortal Billjim and MugsarSumerian Dictionary, or can we have a #FairGoAu?


Peter Hogan
PO Box 1 Potts Point NSW 1335

(Claim ID: 0007097426 21/12/2016)

Note this open letter will be online in more detail including social media as new information / video comes along, keywords, hashtags:
Centrelink Minister Alan Tudge, workplace, age, gender, discrimination, aging, greying society, over 50, 50-64, older, senior Australians, #FairGoAu


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