How to really impress someone

How To Really Impress Someone: Mugsar Edition
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We all know the name of the game in life, especially with marketing to consumers and careers, is encapsulated by the simple, but critical phrase, “How to really impress someone.”

Now, like the Sumerians conveyed their concepts with images on tablets, the Mugsar conveys it with the modernday equivalent, digital images. One of our key markteting taglines is based on the fact that the Mugsar is the ultimate way to impress someone, and that such an audacious statement actually has credibility, and can be tested with Google.

Imagine someone glances at your screen, and don’t see some brainless gameapp, instead they see you exploring our Kindle ebook:


How to really impress someone Mugsar 22i

So where do you think it ranks on Google Images – remembering this is not an iPhone8 promotion, we have no $zillion advertising campaign like Apple.

Try it for yourself,



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