000 Project Home Invitation


Mugsar | CT | Billjim Shows | Susan de Vere

As Pete is now over 60 currently looking for a permanent official home for our multiple projects.
As these projects gather in international fame over time the revenues they will generate, especially from annual festivals, sponsorship of MugsarSumerian signs, and Billjim Theme Park / Club Shows, will be all yours.
Hey, Princeton* didn’t want F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works when he died in ‘1940 – nobody thought The Great Gatsby had what it takes to be immortal.
Take a close look at the subject matter and cred of these projects and see if you think they have a shot at immortality. Remember, with the bonus of multiple projects, it only takes one to get attention, then the others get a boost too.
All welcome – no school / town too small.
If interested, the deal is, Pete would be kept going a bit longer with a monthly Advisor stipend of $5,000 a month, then it’s all yours – to get things going simply email this line: “We want to be your home!”


Mugsar University Town
Immortalized for Mugsar University – grounded in true orgins – Joseph Campbell Call to Adventure “The Fates draw the willing and drag the reticent”: Immortal Benefactors $ billion endowment Chancellor President Provost Dean Professor Faculty Phd Post Grad Under Graduate studentM – MugsarFest Annual International

MUG-SAR “Kings of the Earthlings” god apotheosis evolution cf. -Czar (Caesar)


Mugsar School Modules

Key student assignments:

* How Sumerian Scribes were really thinking in those first schools 5,000 years ago by posting new Mugsar 4-Ways of famous texts and suggesting fresh, more poignant translations.

* Conjure missing words / concepts in cuneiform, i.e. create new compounds especially for intellectual ‘big words’ and new technology terms.


Post your creations #MugsarSumerian #[Your School]


* Mugsar International School Debating Competition – to be run by designated Mugsar Home School – cash prizes sponsored by major Mugsar Immortal Benefactors will provide significant school funding – the ineluctable question:

“What kind of a student is a student who does not know Sumerian?”



Peter Hogan

The world’s foremost proponents when it comes to ‘true origins’ and giving credit where credit is due.
The world opened up from living in Japan. As noted in ‘Background‘ that was the respect for ancestors epiphany.
Pete (b. 11956) and daughter Tara (b. 12002) currently reside in Sydney.


*Where they belong: The aquisitiion of the F Scott Fitzgerald Papers
by Matthew J Bruccoli – Princeton Library Chronicle vol 1 No 1 1988 pdf



One Response to “000 Project Home Invitation”

  1. louise zhang Says:

    I really enjoy this site, I want to know everything about the Sumerians and their language, so I can find out if the Chinese language is a followup of the sumerian language

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