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How to Attract Large Endowments in a Brave New Pandemic World

It’s a brave new pandemic world, universities have to think outside the box in looking for a way to attract large endowments from rich benefactors. The Mugsar and its stablemates are your solution.

More than ever people are acutely aware of their mortality, especially the rich who don’t want to be forgotten. The Mugsar has unique potential to attract large endowments.

Students want the opportunity to interact and be mentored by someone whose work attracts high views and followers. Not just locally, but international. Not just academia, but on Amazon where the Mugsar is regularly in the Best Sellers Top 100 for the U.S. high school and university students market. And thats without millions of dollars in marketing that big corporate competitors like Merriman Webster deploy. Actually, it’s more likely No.1 as those competitors only publish commercially, the Mugsar can be downloaded for free from all kinds of depositories around the world, as it becomes the de facto standard.

The Mugsar Foundation with a commercial subsidiary would be under the control of the home university.

The Mugsar not only crosses borders, cultures and demographics, but also faculties. Not just the obvious like Linguistics, Archaeology and History, but also Business Studies and MBAs as we groom executives. Students would have the attraction of a guaranteed career path.

Stablemates widen the scope to include the ultimate works in English Literature. Here a unique revenue stream is now opening: The 400th anniversary of the production of Susan de Vere’s (an unheralded pioneering proto-feminist along with Mary Wroth and Elizabeth Trentham) Shakespeare’s First Folio. That’s actually started as it was already in production in ‘1621, but everything was halted in October for about a year for her pregnancy, resumed in October of ’22, completed in November of ’23, with the first recorded sale being 5 December ‘1623.

Like the Mugsar that could mean high priced subscriptions to international zoom conferences, special courses and annual events.

Let’s spell it out. Main reason Mugsar can attract rich benefactors and large endowments?
Rich people don’t want their name on an endowment to be rarely noticed and totally forgotten within 1000 years.
In short, they’re thinking, “If I donate $1 bil. what’s the potential for immortality?”
The university president can make the case: clear realistic immortality virtues, backed up with a new classy Mugsar website where the benefactor’s name and achievements can be spotlighted, and underlying Mugsar Foundation controlled by the university.

Mugsar is in the Immortality Business.

The 5 Unique Mugsar Immortality Virtues:
1. True Origins/Etymology Constitution
2. Relevance to everyone, everywhere, anytime – even in 10000+ yrs
3. Rides the coattails of CivilizationTime (using 12217 12217 LUGAL king, CT stablemate)
4. We ‘own’ the most important phrase in life “how to really impress someone” – just Google exact phrase in quotes (#htris stablemate) |
5. ‘Marvel of Compression’ (easter eggs-stablemates)
…How many immortality virtues does iPhone have, will it be around even in 1000 yrs ?!


Which do you think has a better shot at growing market share, year in year out, decade in decade out, century in century out, millennia in millennia out – iPhone or Mugsar?

Immortality is great but most people don’t think way out into the future, what has the Mugsar got going for it in the here and now, how is the Business Plan shaping?
• We ‘own’ the most important phrase in business “how to really impress someone” (#htris) |

• The #unthankfulMurdochs owe Mugsar founder bigtime for legitimizing how they became rich

• Relevance, x-everything: x-borders, x-cultures, x-demographics-incomes/agegroups, x-university-faculties…

• Main worldwide patron-base, you ask? Just the most powerful regions in the world, Washington DC-NY, SF-LA – see visitor map at bottom of Mugsar page:


• Business Plan draft:

👉 @MugsarSumerian Longterm Endowments Attractor

So, what is your university’s strategy for attracting large endowments over the next 50 years?
How many of your staff, PostGrads, PhDs, Professors produce work that can attract large endowments?
What’s the total annual salary + perks cost of all your Professors?
How would paying the Mugsar Founder $100k with a realistic shot to attract $1bil.+ in new endowments over the next 50 years compare to what you expect to attract from all your existing professors?

It’s a no-brainer. At the very least, it all adds up to a unique opportunity to get into the international spotlight.

Contact Pete to learn more.

Peter Hogan Tara Hogan cuneiform dubsar


Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder

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Princeton didn’t want F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works when he died in ‘1940 – nobody thought The Great Gatsby had what it takes to be immortal.

*Where they belong: The aquisitiion of the F Scott Fitzgerald Papers
by Matthew J Bruccoli – Princeton Library Chronicle vol 1 No 1 1988 pdf



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  1. louise zhang Says:

    I really enjoy this site, I want to know everything about the Sumerians and their language, so I can find out if the Chinese language is a followup of the sumerian language

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