Mugsar Home College Invitation

MCFC MugsarClassroom Fundraising Competition

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Mugsar Home College Invitation

The simple, low-cost, low-risk, no-brainer way is to be ‘XYZ College – Official Home of Mugsar’ — the project, its stablemates / divisions and of the Mugsar Founder.

Think of the process as being like that of ‘Film Development Hell’.

From the story idea, to putting together a treatment / synopsis / prospectus, see the above Google Docs link, to getting people to buy-in, raising some seed money, screenplay re-writes, to getting the film made — with luck, the average is what, 5-10 years and $30 million+, potluck opening weekend competition, fading box office, never makes its money back.

Now, compare the ‘marvel of compression / rides coattails of Civilization Time’ immortal Mugsar — you only need to provide the Founder with college accommodation, ideally a studio-type setup to collaborate on project development, and a small monthly stipend for personal expenses for said Founder of say a ‘Tom Brady GOAT-esque under Cap Hit – more money to fill out Super Bowl roster’ $2,000,  as a kind Honorary Professor Emeritus. And even that expense would not be for long, as the Founder (b. ‘1956) is in poor health, and IAE, could be quickly offset by donations from early interest in #MCFC.

And eventually set up the Mugsar Foundation under control of the College / consortium and Mugsar Founder (/Estate Executor = the College / descendant).

Even leftovers from the College cafeteria is fine. So, all up, the College President is only signing-off on $24,000 a year, easily covered by one of your major donors to fund the epochal Honorary Mugsar Sumerian Emeritus Chair. And the pitch to those donors: think of turning a book into a film » MCFC turns an ebook into a March-Madness quiz game » you get a Producer credit, forever, and it’s altruistic, to boot.

👨‍💻 The College that is an early donor for MCFC’s development along with your expression of interest will be on the shortlist.

Simply use PayPal send to our email address below option.

More info PayPal

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Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder

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Princeton didn’t want F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works when he died in ‘1940 – nobody thought The Great Gatsby had what it takes to be immortal.

*Where they belong: The aquisitiion of the F Scott Fitzgerald Papers
by Matthew J Bruccoli – Princeton Library Chronicle vol 1 No 1 1988 pdf




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  1. louise zhang Says:

    I really enjoy this site, I want to know everything about the Sumerians and their language, so I can find out if the Chinese language is a followup of the sumerian language

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