4k Fair Dinkum Australian Ratings

Welcome to Fair Dinkum Australian Ratings!
(Actually a concept Pete developed a while ago, just Google for background.)

The ultimate litmus test in rating prominent Australians is gonna be what support, if any, they give to the Billjim – from 5 stars for having a go, down to just not fair dinkum.

We need a Prime Minister that puts the fair dinkum into the way films are funded with the Nation’s money – the Australian Voter should be able to go on the Screen Australia website and vote for Film projects that are the most fair dinkum. Likewise we should have a National Lottery to fund films like they do in the UK – the public can then directly help fund films they they think are fair dinkum.

FDAR Example:
* – “1 Star = Just Not Fair Dinkum” – Catholic Church Australia – for generations of legalized extortion:
We could easily fund this critical project about the displaced deeds of our ancestors if we could get back Hogan assets (see family history: here) extorted by them using the old “Tickests to Heaven” trick. All that money to build white elephants – useless empty churches on valuable real estate, and not to mention, millions of dollars of it is used in endless pedophile cases against the church.
Particularly in these hard times, this should be an election issue. We need legislation to force the Catholic Church to open up their records and give back the extorted money to poor dispossessed descendants. And limit on how much they can suck out of a family estate.


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