Cheeky Tara Hogan’s Parrot

Cheeky – Tara Hogan’s Parrot

We are very very sad to announce Tara’s parrot that she named ‘Cheeky’ when she was 8 years old has transitioned to immortality – see Cheeky’s unique contribution to our Susan de Vere work, particularly “How to make a Shakespeare sonnet” for students and exposing the Shakespeare mask, as Leonardo diConure. A very special member of the family, Cheeky, a South American conure, was almost 9 years old. A fantastic whistler that loved flying around the house and landing on Tara.


 Leonardo diConure (4.7Mb, 38s) >


 How to make a parrot sonnet (2m, 24Mb) >

Oh, there was also the Cheeky-phone…


Cheeky 4x12010CT – 21iii12019CT



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