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The Billjim Need You

The Billjim Song needs fair dinkum Australian venture capital / sponsors / benefactors / universities / students / volunteers to set up and maintain our Foundation.

The BILLJIM Song (c. 1918) 1PLUGS42 (‘Mateship’ model) for Anzac Centenary Theme Song.


The Payoff:
Song  (App Store / Google Play) and eBook Companion to song download sales to be massive and lasting

By adapting a forgotten 1918 era ditty, Billjim, by Edward Dyson (1865-1931) we are developing the natural fair dinkum Theme Song for the Anzac Centenary – a model for greater Mateship in the modern school, sports and workplace. It’s also literally the dark horse in the legitimate National Anthem stakes.

It climaxes with,

Bill, there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is Jim!
  [Hence: billjim1plugs42]

Proof it can work:
Absolute, immediate proof is simple.
Just take a look at The Billjim Song:

Share The Billjim Song: 
Can you sing along and keep up with the pace?!

Read it a few times. You will soon find it impregnated into your brain. Even show it to someone else, old or young whatever the ancestral background, for their confirmation.


Public Domain Poetry
Composed c. 1918 by Edward Dyson (1865 – 1931)

Billjim not Digger article 11 Feb 1936

More Billjim newspaper articles )

• Does not focus only on war.
• It’s not about that humiliating defeat, but Winning (against those same guys).
• The focus on mateship crosses all demographics – multicultural, young and old, locale.
• Lasting qualities.
• Perfect for the crowd to sing at the cricket T20 Big Bash and other events.


The eventual official promotion music video will thus feature diverse modern Australia – each of its first 54 lines will be recited by a different Australian – a mix of cultures, ages and locales – small and big towns, cities / suburbia, the Outback.

Feature fair dinkum prominent Australians in music video
We hope to get famous Australians on board to do their personal version of the climax (lines 55 & 56), where they substitute the name of their best mate.

BFF, there’s one who’ll plug for two—
It is Mate!

Funding Requirements:
• To compose and add original music to The Billjim Song – music video production, quality of which, and how much we can get around the country to film diverse multicultural vocal contributions, will depend on grant amount.
• Setup organization structure, office, Internet social media sites.

Future Revenues:
• Song  and Companion eBook sales ongoing (unlike Gallipoli – Apr 2015 only).
– Release as single – expect wide Radio play.
• Licencing out – especially to Sports organizations.
• Get Education Departments to get into schools – national competition for best vocals mix.
• Merchandising – Customized Billjim Tin Mugs.
• Specialized Centennial Tour groups to Middle East.
Billjim Rock Opera to Tour Australia.

We are working full-time on it – need first installment of grant ASAP – can’t wait for the redtape of the Anzac Centenary Board Grants  –
already listed as Submission No. 50 –  2010:

Anzac Centenary letter 17 Dec 2012
– and only goes to the usual suspects / sterotypes:

The Government will provide $83.5 million over seven years (including $4.9 million from 2016‑17 to 2018‑19) to fund a program of initiatives to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the Anzac Centenary. This will assist the community to honour the service and sacrifice of Australians throughout the anniversary period from 2014 to 2018…

$4.7 million for an Arts and Culture Fund to support Australian artists and cultural institutions to undertake activities that showcase our military history [- Billjim certainly does that – highlights our only ever military victory and not that humiliating defeat].

…a local grants program to help communities carry out their own Anzac Centenary commemoration projects, with funding available from January 2013.

Warren Snowdon
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Centenary of Anzac

And oh, with all that money, all those top salaries, their amazing blinkered, revamped home page (2013)
…the former PMs Hawke / Fraser headed Anzac Centenary Board just happens to have forgotten 2 critical pieces:

anzac centenary where are Damascus n Theme Song

1) How can you have an Anzac Centenary without a Theme Song?!

Other big events have one, Google the World Cup Rugby Theme Song, for instance.
Does that mean if they keep snubbing the Billjim it’s going to mean putting yet another committee on the payroll to look into, ‘Hey, maybe we should have an Anzac Centenary Theme Song’.

No doubt Un-Australians with the big bucks will plagiarize our work, but Internet dates will prove we were the fair dinkum original. For instance, our Youtube Channel –
– shows the establishment date of “Jan 29, 2013”

And if you Google ANZAC Centenary Theme Song in 2013 only The BILLJIM Song comes up –

2) It seems the Middle East Front / Damascus Victory 1 Oct 1918 never happened (our only epochal one ever, to boot).


1 OCTOBER 1918

Exploits of the Billjim – 1916 to 1918
(24iii, 15m 33s, 98.9Mb)




Billjim Centenary Tin Mug custom


AOA Anzac Centenary Tour T-Shirt 15i

Lest some of us forget

Peter n Tara Hogan Billjim Pluggers

Peter & Tara (10 yo) Hogan
Billjim Pluggers
PO Box 1
Potts Point NSW 1335 

The BILLJIM Song eBook Series
School Competition Textbook Study Guide Tutoring
The Billjim Song Fair Dinkum ANZAC Centenary Theme Song
for Cruise Tour Sporting Events



Title Card A Billjim1plugs42 Production..





The Billjim1plugs42 is dedicated to
the their wives like Esmé

Home I know shes living thereand
~ Dame Elisabeth Murdoch 1909-2012 ~



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