9d About the Authors


Peter & Tara Hogan
Resume online

The world’s foremost proponents when it comes to ‘true origins’ and giving credit where credit is due.
The world opened up from living in Japan. As noted in ‘Background‘ that was the respect for ancestors epiphany.
Pete (b. 11956) and daughter Tara (b. 12002) currently reside in Sydney.
As Pete is now over 60 currently looking for a permanent official home for our multiple projects.
As these projects gather in international fame over time the revenues they will generate, especially from annual festivals, sponsorship of MugsarSumerian signs, and Billjim Theme Park / Club Shows, will be all yours.
Hey, Princeton didn’t want F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works when he died in ‘1940 – nobody thought The Great Gatsby had what it takes to be immortal.
Take a close look at the subject matter and cred of these projects and see if you think they have a shot at immortality. Remember, with the bonus of multiple projects, it only takes one to get attention, then the others get a boost too.
All welcome – no school / town too small.
If interested simply email this line: “We want to be your home!”




The Hogans were pioneers of Byron Bay and El Arish NQld, and are one of the oldest continuing families of Sydney’s East.

The Hogans 235 Alison Road Randwick







Exploits of The Billjim eBook Companion



From Sumerian Tablets to Papyrus to Paper back to Tablets 🙂


Sumerian Cuneiform English Dictionary Cover 12013CT v17




Susan de Vere Shakespeares Daughter Tara and Peter Hogan 56726


Tara Hogan 4 The Australian newspaper Fri 30Aug2013 Sherman Gallery

Tara in The Australian August 30, 2013

Tara Hogan The Australian newspaper Fri 30Aug2013 Sherman Gallery 3



Tara Hogan Super Dooper Chariot © ‘2004


Last Will & Testament of Peter Hogan (b. 26/7/56)

It is my wish that a Mugsar Foundation be setup covering all my works where ever they find a home.
The Foundation’s goal should be to educate all students on ‘true origins’ – offering as many scholarships as possible.
The Board of Trustees would determine all matters.
The same Trustees would be executors of my entire Estate, and Power of Attorney in the event of being incapacitated by stroke, etc., in all regards.

In the event of suffering illness, stroke etc. that could require long-term care or hospitalization, I waive all life-prolonging medication (except pain-killers!) or support, and no visitors. I do not wish to be a burden on my daughter or anyone else.

Peter Hogan 12 January ‘2017


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