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1 OCTOBER 1918

An India-Australia

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India-Australia Film Co-Production
 If our ancestors, the Australian Light Horse and Cameliers, get snubbed by prominent members of Australian society, it will be shameful given the pending situation, and will be duly noted, but we will have to move on.
That would mean we’ll have to start looking to India Production Companies like Yash Chopra’s Yash Raj Films – they made Salaam Namaste and Chak de India in Melbourne a few years back, see story here.
Unless the Australian government and film organizations at least co-partner with an Indian Film Co it would be very embarrassing. Imagine shooting our film oversease with foreigners playing Australians. Nonetheless it’s a logical next stop given the famous Indian Lancers (19th King George’s Own Lancers, 5th Cavalry Division) were in the Palestine Campaign too. Critically for our story, one of these Indian brigades held up Lawrence so he couldn’t beat the Australians to Damascus on 1st October 1918.
Australians of Arabia …& India
This would of course mean changing the script to emphasize the important role of the India, not just the Lancers, but because of our time-shifting script, also modern day Indian visionaries and iconoclasts who helped right the wrong. And going this way would probably mean the script would be more of a Bollywood-styled satire on international politics and how the Lawrence myth became historical fact, especially in Australia. Even the National War Memorial in Canberra is an accomplice in perpetuating the sham over the deeds of the Billjim.

Indian Lancers help AOA beat Lawrence to Damascus

Also India has a much more dynamic Bollywood Film Industry. And then there’s the important shared history, the relics of the old British Empire, including  cricket – another example of Australia being upstaged in a big waybeing the success of Indian cricket’s IPL.
And an Australia-India Co-Production wouldn’t  hurt relations between our 2 countries.
Brett Lee
would then be ideal in a starring role with his popularity through Test cricket.
It’s a serious possibility, and if we do find an Indian partner like Yash Chopra surely the Australian Government should show they are serious about improving India-Australia relations, by helping out with financing.


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