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1 OCTOBER 1918

Exploits of the Billjim – 1916 to 1918
(24iii, 15m 33s, 98.9Mb)

Share: http://youtu.be/Ny2AXVIrdSs


Anzac Centenary Light Horse (Billjim and Waler) Theme Park or Museum

As part of our submission to the Anzac Centenary we are looking to partner with a  Council to locate the Billjim and Waler Theme Park and/or Museum  – basically a tribute to the Australian Light Horse spearheading force of the WWI Campaign from 1916 to 1918 – the last and greatest cavalry victory in modern history.

This of course would bring lots of jobs in construction and Tourism to your Council. More benefits would flow once from publicity from other AOA related media promotions, including TV and Film. Something like Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia” and what it did for Bowen, NQld.

The Billjim Theme Park / Museum would include re-enactments (live performance and video screens) , replicas and souvenirs of the Palestine Campaign, especially highlightig the 100th Anniversary of the Beersheba Charge on 31 October 2017 and beating T.E. Lawrence to Damascus on 1 October 1918 – just in time before the armistice was called on 11 November to end WWI. It would also serve as a set for our TV and Film projects – even more jobs, publicity and tourism  for the Shire.

An advantage of the Billjim project is its limitless lucrative cash flow streams and that we don’t necessarily have to start with a large investment. We will be able to generate a lot of free publicity and thus Tourism advertising.

We can also drum up more attention with small investments like manufacturing the Billjim Tin Mug, the epitome of the fair dinkum novelty indeed.
Billjim Centenary Tin Mug custom

Free Publicity – Change town name to “Damascus”
We have to always be thinking-outside-the-box to outdo the competition, an outrageous but effective way to get free publicity is to change the town name to “Damascus” especially for 2018. It works, just look at the success ‘Matamata‘ has had with the change to “Hobbiton” to take advantage of Lord of the Rings.

Nobody had ever heard of ‘Moama‘ either until the change to “Motown” for Movember re the Prostate Cancer Council of Australia project.



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