6a Billjim – ABC 7.30 Brushoff


PO Box 9994
Sydney NSW 2001

cc: Michael Carey, Leigh Sales, Ben Knight

20 May 2011

Dear Mr Scott

We bring your attention to the ABC 7.30 Thu 19 May 2011  US places sanctions on Syria http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2011/s3221719.htm
The Australian public are informed in the report that Damascus conquerors include Alexander the Great and the Ottomans – what about your own country’s epochal deeds – Australians of Arabia?!

“Leigh Sales, Presenter: The US President Barack Obama is to  make a major speech overnight on the instability in the Middle East and  America’s future engagement there…

Reporter Ben Knight:
…the Syrian rebellion came to the heart of the country:
the old city of Damascus. They’re chanting about bringing down the system,  they’re calling the Syrian media liars and they’re pledging to go to heaven in their millions.
For the regime, this is clearly not a good sign.

These ancient streets have been battled over by empires from Alexander the Great to the Ottomans. By comparison, the Assad family’s four-decade rule in Syria is only a footnote…”

Ben Knight is held out by ABC’s 7.30 to be a Middle East expert, but he doesn’t know his own country’s history and relevance to the story.

Mr Scott this is not the first time we have called you on you deliberate, in this case apt ‘Philistinism’ – will you ever be prepared to recognize the epochal deeds of the ALH?

We were hoping that we could come in from the Ice Age after Kerry O’Brien finally retired (to our beloved Byron Bay as a ring-in), but Leigh Sales is no better.

Despite the same ‘look the other way’ policy when they too were ‘in power’, Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Malcolm Frazer, who head up the Anzac Centenary Commission, were forced by us in their recently submitted report to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, to now be the first government body to recognize that the Australian Light Horse did indeed ‘conquer’ Damascus and the Ottoman Empire on 1 October 1918, and not Lawrence of Arabia.


Peter & Tara Hogan




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