Age Discrimination Party

Age Discrimination Party (ADP)

Campaign Slogan: Fair Go For Over 50s

Social Media Hashtag: #fairgo50+ADP

Google: Age Discrimination Party ADP

Fair dinkum Australians over 50 are fed up with age discrimination in the workplace and totally useless anti-discrimination laws. We are being constantly humiliated and bullied off Centrelink. All leading to suicidal depression.

Our Party platform is simple. Based on common decency – a fair go for all Australians over 50.

We will push for legislation that the workplace must reflect the demographics of Australian towns and cities.

All employers are to submit a return of their employee demographics and hirings, just like they do a tax return for the ATO.

If 20% (the official unemployment rate is a joke and we all know it) of the Australian workforce are over 50 and looking for a job then all employers like Woolworths-Coles-Big4-Banks-monopolies, for example, are to have 20% of their employees over 50. Not the current outrageous less than 1%.

When a vacancy comes up it is to be filled by the Australian who has been unemployed the longest that reasonably fits the position.
No more line-jumping.
No more side-shifting someone that already has a job.
No more cronyism – slot a friend in – who you know, not what you know.

Any employer / CEO that continues this unAustralian behaviour will be fined based on a percentage of gross revenue and name and shamed.

The new department that works out the logistics will, needless to say, be staffed by previously unemployed Australians.

This is no-brainer legislation. Every Australian worker faces being over 50. It will only get worse for our children and grandchildren. We refuse to sit idly by and have them go through the same treatment we suffer.

Till now the Liberal-Labor-Party and CEOs have treated us with utter contempt counting on “she’ll be right mate” surrender.

We will start by putting up a candidate for the Senate in the next Federal Election.

More details will follow on Party development,  signing up and how to support the ADP.

If you don’t see anything happening and are able to move faster and get the necessary signatures, etc., to officially register the Party with by all means go ahead and take the lead.

Let’s face it, banding together now as a solid determined massive voting block is our only chance of ever getting a job again.

If Pauline Hanson can do what she did, think what we can do with a fair dinkum issue alarmingly relevant to the majority of voters.

Local Party meetings will be the first Monday of every month at your local club / waterhole around say 7:00 pm

For now use Social Media like Twitter to get the message out – upload pictures of unAustralian workplaces where everyone is under 50 and even better of the unAustralian CEOs/Managers/Ministers that take perverse pleasure in shafting over 50 Australians – use #fairgo50+ADP

Written and authorized by Peter Hogan Co-Founder 7 May ’17

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